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INDUS Technology

INDUS Technology

We were recently tasked with helping INDUS showcase their new branding produced by Surreal. INDUS is an employee-owned employee-owned, customer-focused government services contractor headquartered in San Diego, CA.

This is what we do best.

We have a keen focus on collaborating with businesses that primarily operate online. We engage in full scale opportunities to sell more products and publish great content.

Rapid Page Builder Themes

Page builders are great way to quickly build or upgrade an existing website and best of all, they’re easy to maintain. We enjoy working with DIVI, Elementor, and Oxygen and always open to using something different, should the need arise.

We can walk you through the process of selecting a page builder and showing you what’s possible. In some instances, we rely on child themes to add additional functionality which further expands the offering.

Ambition Custom Themes

Custom themes provide a granular approach to all aspects of the front end of your website making it a more premium and high end experience. An effective code base is something you can build on for years to come and will grow with your brand over time.

We deliver out of the box tech solutions for high fidelity designs that have excellent performance and are well oiled for search engines. We’re not tied to any specific front end frameworks or build systems and we’re always open to adapting to new methodologies.

Light House Optimization

After reviewing your page scores, we can determine a plan of action to improve it. You can evaluate your page speed with Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

We review everything involved with your site structure including your hosting, theme, plugins, images, JavaScripts and any other elements impacting your site.

Services Provider Websites

Clearly defining your company services is what will truly set you apart from your competition. We take pride in having a unique services offering and can help you achieve the same.

Business research helps navigate niche demands in various industries to uncover new opportunities.

Investor Relations Websites

We help strategize an effective approach to present your company in a compelling way to investors based on best practices and behavioural research.

It’s important to present your key metrics up front and have a breakdown product, services, brands, and assets.

Sales Funnel Websites

We’ve spent countless hours researching the best selling techniques for for both e-commerce and commerce focused content and design. We rely on A/B testing to validate our hypothesis’ and continually refine your roadmap.

Your website needs to be an effective selling machine to have a profound impact on your bottom line. We deeply examine your key revenue driver and explore other revenue opportunities.

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INDUS Technology

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