25 Notable News Sites on WordPress

Several top publishers rely on WordPress to power their businesses, enjoy this selection of notable brands on the platform.

WordPress has become the bleeding-edge solution publishers and website owners alike.

01. USA Today

Founded: 1982 | Monthly Visits: 101.70M | Country Rank: #100(US)

Facebook: 8.09M Twitter: 3.84M Instagram: 1.3M

Topics: Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Life, Money, Tech, Travel, Opinion, Crosswords, Investigations

USA Today is an authoritative news source covering the most trendy and buzzworthy stories. They use a ton of different ad units and also offer a monthly subscription with a home delivery newspaper, e-newspaper, or digital edition. 

02. Fast Company

Founded: 1995 | Monthly Visits: 14.3m | Country Rank: #1614(US)
Facebook: 1.25M Twitter: 2.33M Instagram: 499K
Topics: Design, Tech, Work Life, Creativity, Impact

Fast Company magazine was founded on a single premise: A global revolution was changing business, and business was changing the world. They aim to inspire their readers to think expansively, lead with purpose, embrace change, and shape the future of business. 

03. Heathline

Founded: 1999 | Monthly Visits: 142.40M | Country Rank: #96(US)
Facebook: 217K Twitter: 44.2K Instagram: 53.2K
Topics: Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Food Alergies, Sun Exposure, Extensive list of different health conditions and concerns

Heathline is an excellent resource for anyone learning more about a health condition, researching a medication, tapping into one of their communities, or get some tips for a healthier lifestyle. Healthline’s dedicated team of Medical Affairs focuses on ensuring Healthline’s content, products, and services uphold the highest standards of medical integrity.

04. People

Founded: 1974 | Monthly Visits: 61.90M | Country Rank: #192(US)
Facebook: 7.74M Twitter: 7.54M Instagram: 6.5M
Topics: Celebrity, TV, Movies, Music, Country, Awards, Sports, Theatre

People is an American news source providing celebrity and human-interest stories, published by Meredith Corporation. People is primarily focused on celebrity life and gossip covering all the top stories and scandals in Hollywood.

05. New York Post

Founded: 1976 | Monthly Visits: 82.00M | Country Rank: #146(US)
Facebook: 4.26M Twitter: 1.47M Instagram: 287K
Topics: Tech, Real Estate, Sports, Business, Opinion, Fashion

The New York Post is a publisher in NYC with a big focus on celebrity gossip. The Post also operates the celebrity gossip site PageSix.com, the entertainment site Decider.com, and co-produces the television show Page Six TV. New York Post is the fifth-most-circulated newspaper in the US.

06. The Sun

Founded: 1964 | Monthly Visits: 117.90M | Country Rank: #38(UK)
Facebook: 3.25M Twitter: 1.5M Instagram: 257K
Topics: Football, Sports,TV & Showbiz, Money, Motors, Travel, Tech

The Sun.co.uk is the online edition of The Sun, Britain’s largest newspaper with the slogan “forward with the people”. They cover a lot of celebrity gossip within the UK and cover a wide range of topics.

07. Techcrunch

Founded: 2005 | Monthly Visits: 23.70M | Country Rank: #1243(US)
Facebook: 2.87M Twitter: 10.1M Instagram: 1.2M
Topics: Social, Enterprise, Startups, Apps, Gadgets

Techcrunch is a leading source in technology and a true pulse within the industry. Their current focus seems to be on a lot of high level transactions and acquisitions.

08. Page Six

Founded: 2006 | Monthly Visits: 18.20M | Country Rank: #640(US)
Facebook: 365K Twitter: 239K Instagram: 209K
Topics: Hollywood, Music, Movies, Celebrities, Style

Page Six is an alternative news source created by the team at New York Post which began as a nightly gossip show based and named after the Post’s gossip section.

09. Playstation Blog

Founded: 1982 | Monthly Visits: 92.90M | Country Rank: #327(US)
Facebook: 38.4M Twitter: 16.8M Instagram: 19.4M
Topics: Games, Reviews, Releases, Trailers, PS4, PS Vr, PS Store, PS Plus

The Playstation Blog is the authoritative resources from SONY themselves, they provide everything you need to stay up to date with all gears within the PlayStation ecosystem.

10. Rolling Stone

Founded: 1967 | Monthly Visits: 19.40M | Country Rank: #794(US)
Facebook: 5.20M Twitter: 6.28M Instagram: 4.1M
Topics: Music, TV, Movies, Politics, Culture

It was founded in San Francisco, California by Jann Wenner, who is still the magazine’s publisher, and music critic Ralph J. Gleason, which became famous for its coverage of rock music, and for political reporting by authors such as Hunter S. Thompson. They’re yet another news source on the bleeding edge of all things entertainment.

11. MakeUseOf

Founded: 2007 | Monthly Visits: 43.90M | Country Rank: #729(US)
Facebook: 443K Twitter: 177K Instagram: 19.9K
Topics: PC&Mobile, Lifestyle, Hardware

Make use of is a technical resource on all things hardware related. 

12. The Next Web

Founded: 2006 | Monthly Visits: 6.40M | Country Rank: #6,285(US)
Facebook: 1.07M Twitter: 1.74M Instagram: 95.4K
Topics: Tech, World, Apps, Gear, Creative, Deals

The next web began as a cure to scratch an itch by the founders Boris and Patrick. They wanted to find an event to showcase their new startup and couldn’t find the right fit so they hosted the conference and eventually started the blog, thenextweb.com.

13. Wired

Founded: 1993 | Monthly Visits: 25.90M | Country Rank: #839(US)
Facebook: 2.99M Twitter: 10.4M Instagram: 1.1M
Topics: Business, Culture, Gear, Science, Security, Transportation

Wired is a monthly American magazine, published in print and online editions, that focuses on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics, owned by Condé Nast.

14. MacRumors

Founded: 2000 | Monthly Visits: 17.10M | Country Rank: #1,699(US)
Facebook: 356K Twitter: 882K Instagram: 17K
Topics: How Tos, Reviews, Buyer’s Guides, iOS13, iPhone, Mac, Apple

Mac Rumors is an authoritative resource on all things upcoming in Apple ecosystem, the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, etc.

15. Digital Trends

Founded: 2006 | Monthly Visits: 36.40M | Country Rank: #738(US)
Facebook: 1.86M Twitter: 2.17M Instagram: 514K
Topics: Phones, TVs, Laptops, Cars, Games, Headphones, Cameras, Desktops, Smart Home, Appliances, Smartwatches, Printers, Soundbars, Streaming Devices, Monitors

16. Vogue

Founded: 1892 | Monthly Visits: 6.40M | Country Rank: #2,863(US)
Facebook: 8.92M Twitter: 13.7M Instagram: 24.1M
Topics: Fashion, Beauty, Culture, Living, Runway

Vogue has a long track record of being an iconic staple within the fashion industry. They cover top stories within the industry and are always doing unique covers and specials with top celebrities and fashion mogals.

17. Android Authority

Founded: 2007 | Monthly Visits: 17.30M | Country Rank: #1,858(US)
Facebook: 2.29M Twitter: 987K Instagram: 719K
Topics: Design, Tech, Work Life, Creativity, Impact

Android Authority is the largest independent publication dedicated to Android with a passionate team behind the publication.

18. Car and Driver

Founded: 1955 | Monthly Visits: 11.40M | Country Rank: #797(US)
Facebook: 2.33M Twitter: 2.04M Instagram: 462K
Topics: New Cars, Reviews, Buyer Guides, Shop for cars

Car and Driver is an American automotive enthusiast magazine by Hearst Magazines.

19. Ars Technica

Founded: 1998 | Monthly Visits: 29.40M | Country Rank: #712(US)
Facebook: 381K Twitter: 1.17M Instagram: 18K
Topics: Biz & IT, Tech, Science, Policy, Cars, Gaming & Culture

Ars Technica was founded in 1998 when Founder & Editor-in-Chief Ken Fisher announced his plans for starting a publication devoted to technology that would cater to what he called “alpha geeks”: technologists and IT professionals.

20. Boing Boing

Founded: 1988 | Monthly Visits: 7.70M | Country Rank: #2,047(US)
Facebook: 773K Twitter: 232K Instagram: 63.8K
Topics: Games, Music, Features, Food, Random

Boing Boing is an eclectic news source covering quirky topics with a unique perspective on content. They have a few original segments: Mess with Texas, Tom the dancing bug, Snow White and the 7 dwarves, and cashout payout to name a few.

21. Reader’s Digest

Founded: 1922 | Monthly Visits: 12.20M | Country Rank: #1,622(US)
Facebook: 3.09M Twitter: 115K Instagram: 177K
Topics: Health, Food, Advice, Culture, True Stories, Jokes

Reader’s Digest is an American general-interest family magazine, published ten times a year and is based in Midtown Manhattan. The magazine was founded by DeWitt Wallace and Lila Bell Wallace

22. Adweek

Founded: 1979 | Monthly Visits: 4.30M | Country Rank: #6,253(US)
Facebook: 607K Twitter: 621K Instagram: 320K
Topics: Agencies, Brand Marketing, Creativity, Inside the Brand, Programmatic, TV / Video

As the leading source of authoritative and essential coverage of the advertising and marketing industries, Adweek provides unparalleled access to engaged professionals at every level of the brand marketing ecosystem who rely on Adweek to help them do their jobs better.

23. Taste of Home

Founded: 1993 | Monthly Visits: 20.50M | Country Rank: #688(US)
Facebook: 6.09M Twitter: 32.7K Instagram: 886K
Topics: Recipes, Holidays, Food News, Home & Living, Kitchen, Contents, Magazines, How-to

Taste of Home is, at heart, a friendly exchange of authentic family-favorite recipes handed down over generations and shared among loved ones. Their recipes are practical because they’re from home cooks—not gourmet chefs—and feature familiar, everyday ingredients; clear, beautiful photos; and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. And because each is individually tested by culinary experts in their Test Kitchen, Taste of Home recipes are reliable; they guarantee that you can count on success each time you prepare one.

24. Quartz

Founded: 2012 | Monthly Visits: 14.30M | Country Rank: #2,073(US)
Facebook: 2.46M Twitter: 374K Instagram: 56.8K
Topics: Design, Tech, Work Life, Creativity, Impact

They help their audience see around corners, navigate disruption in their industries, build fulfilling careers, broaden their views of the world, and enjoy lives rich with culture. Their coverage of the global economy is organized around core obsessions—topics and questions of seismic importance to business professionals. These are the issues that energize the Quartz newsroom and they invite you along for the ride.

25. Variety

Founded: 1905 | Monthly Visits: 21.50M | Country Rank: #1,106(US)
Facebook: 1.21M Twitter: 2.28M Instagram: 662K
Topics: Film, TV, Music, Video, Tech, Theater, Real Estate, Awards, Originals

Variety is the most authoritative and trusted source of entertainment business news, reaching an audience of affluent influencers. For 113 years, influential producers, executives and talent in entertainment have turned to Variety for expert film, TV, digital, music, and theater business analysis and insights.

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